Fibonacci. The new reference.

For the past twelve years we have been perfecting our design switches. Today we can boldly say we're entering a new era. Fibonacci's era.

Fibonacci_detail_brushed nickel.jpg
Fibonacci_PP_brushed brass.jpg

A switch as you've never seen before.

This revolutionary light switch combines innovative technology with a refined design and high-quality finishes. 

When approaching the switch, Fibonacci’s interchangeable labels subtly light up to welcome you. With the slightest touch, you can enjoy the ultimate control comfort. 

Inspired by Fibonacci’s golden ratio, it brings natural beauty to the heart of your home.

Your personal Touch

Configure the multitouch function to control anything at home. Touch more than one surface at the same time and the room dims into the right scene, music starts playing, temperature rises and the curtains close. Ready for a cosy evening!

An internal temperature sensor discretely reports the room temperature to the home automation system.

The multicolour LED in the middle can be programmed with any colour that pleases you. It is used for status feedback or simply for you to find Fibonacci in the dark.

Fibonacci_detail_brushed brass.jpg

Customize to your heart's content

Fibonacci's icons and text labels are laser engraved, fully respecting the natural elegance of its materials. You can customize them any way you want.

Fibonacci comes in all premium Basalte finishes to blend in with every interior and stand out as a true design statement.

Want to know more about Fibonacci? Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you out!