Rondo revealed, elevate your audio experience to a true piece of art!

We proudly present Rondo, a unique collection of design speakers crafted for the most exclusive homes. These high-end speakers seamlessly blend crystal-clear audio with a playful design, elevating your audio experience to a true piece of art.

Rondo is so much more than a speaker, it is an opportunity to express your creativity and style.

piece of art

Elevate your interior design with our playful designs in luxurious finishes and fabrics. Experience the perfect ambiance for any occasion with the soothing backlighting.

how we roll

Rondo comes in three sizes: Rondo 8, Rondo 6 and Rondo 5. Our packages feature the perfect balance between speakers and additional Rondos to create an eye-catching composition on the wall.

Rondo interieur 4 kopie

powerful & wonderful

Together with its refined looks, Rondo delivers crystal-clear audio through its Cielo speaker. This speaker features a 1” aluminium dome pivoting tweeter and Kevlar woofers, ensuring an impeccable sound.

Cielo speaker  1  kopie

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