uniting exclusive design and smart home technology

We want to bring design and technology together to help create a place where people truly can feel at home.

Intelligent home technology subtly brings comfort but should always fit beautifully with your own design and lifestyle.

A unique combination that is part of our DNA.

We are determined to keep things simple, intuitive and elegant, both in form and function. Streamlined to improve the comfort of the modern home.

"simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
Leonardo Da Vinci.

we design to inspire

With harmonious, instinctual and contemporary looks, Basalte designs minimalist products that blend seamlessly into any decor. We collaborate closely with architects and interior designers worldwide to ensure the beautiful integration of home technology into any project.

Furthermore, Basalte has won over 50 international design awards such as iF Design Awards, Red Dot Design Awards, Henry van de Velde Awards, …

Making products come to life through cutting-edge technology

When we look at where we are today, it is clear how powerful technology has been in shaping our world. Our engineering teams work hard every day integrating all the latest technologies into our products.

All in pursuit of creating true comfort in users’ everyday lives.

Passion, dedication and true craftsmanship

We believe that the most exclusive materials and fabrics should only be treated by craftspeople with a passion for their work.

All our products are meticulously designed and handcrafted in-house. Always handmade with love in Belgium.

Solid as a rock

Basalt is a dark-coloured, fine-grained, igneous rock. Basalt underlies more of the Earth's surface than any other type of rock and can be found around the globe.

Beautiful and natural on the outside. Solid, strong and multi-layered on the inside. Like the rock from which Basalte takes its name, we are determined to create timeless products of outstanding durability. Reduced to its essence, what remains is pure elegance.