Say hello to our new finish: brushed volcanic grey!

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We are excited to welcome a brand-new finish to our family: brushed volcanic grey. With its captivating natural textures and refined aesthetics, this finish adds elegance to any interior design. With this new finish, we have further enhanced our selection of luxurious high-end finishes, offering a comprehensive range to fulfill your exquisite tastes and to fit within any interior.

Inspired by nature, refined by design

Featuring the raw beauty of volcanic rocks, brushed volcanic grey brings a unique texture and a sense of dimension to any space. With its sleek and modern design, this finish is the perfect choice when you're looking for elegant sophistication.

High-end finishes that match your home

Discover our complete collection of exquisite and luxurious materials, such as brushed brass, brushed aluminium, and brushed nickel. Experience the refined aesthetic of our products, each crafted with the same material to blend in with your interior or stand out as a true design statement.

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