CEDIA: New flagship keypad now available for Crestron, Lutron!

Basalte   Fibonacci

We recently launched Fibonacci: our new flagship keypad for North American homes. Fibonacci sets a new standard for luxury keypads by combining a unique look with many functions and great usability! Fibonacci is now shipping to work with Crestron, Lutron and KNX systems.

The multifunctional Fibonacci keypad is specifically designed for North-American luxury homes. It has the familiar rectangular decora form and fits perfectly on a single gang US wall box. Its touch-sensitive buttons let users easily control lights, shades and scenes at the slightest touch. The unique multitouch features let users controls even more functions.

Fibonacci’s buttons are precision engineered from premium metals and only come in luxury finishes such as brass, bronze and nickel. When approaching Fibonacci, the hidden proximity sensor gently lights up the backlit, customizable labels. These labels can show text or icons. Changing them is easy and flexible.

Fibonacci’s avant-garde look is inspired by Fibonacci’s golden ratio: an age-old design concept that conveys natural beauty and is well known by every designer and architect. The keypad measures only 3.15” x 4.72” x 0.35”. Easy to say that Fibonacci is much more than a light switch: it’s a luxury design product for the most stunning residences.