New Basalte North-American website now live

Specifically designed for American specifiers, integrators and end clients, this new site shows how our integrated controls can elevate any luxury home interior!

The reason why we created a special North-American website is because of some very specific elements that matter more for American clients than in the rest of the world. Think: different aesthetic preferences and commonly used control systems, a high-value attribution to labeled keypads, and much more.

This website was not just built to showcase the Basalte luxury product offering. It also exemplifies how the European vision of simplifying home controls can add comfort, elegance and simplicity to the lives of North-American clients.

Explore how limiting the amount of keypads makes controlling your lights more intuitive. Furthermore, embrace the advantage of unique multitouch function options, integrated sensors, elegant feedback lights, and much more.

Explore www.basalte.us today!

Basalte US site visual.jpg