Adelante, a design story by Klaas Arnout

At home, it’s important to feel good, to feel safe and secure. It’s the place where you welcome your guests and make them feel a little bit special. It all starts at your doorstep with our luxury door phone Adelante, bringing our sophisticated design from inside your home to your front door. 

I believe your home should be as personal as possible. Adelante has a modular design with different options at your fingertips including access control and all of that in our high-quality durable finishes.
Klaas Arnout, CEO Basalte

We want to elevate that first moment of saying hello and take it to a more personal level. That’s why Adelante is using multiple cameras to create the best possible experience. 

Everything is built around this gorgeous OLED display. Adelante still has physical button, it is like a diamond in a ring. Giving you that tactile feeling you would expect.

Your door phone is no longer a necessity,  it’s a design statement, perfectly integrated into your Basalte Home.

Adelante, welcome home

The first look, the first touch. It is probably the most important one to make an impression. At home, everything starts at your doorstep. Warm welcomes, long-awaited reunions or unexpected goodbyes, Adelante is here for you and ready to receive your guests. Saying welcome has never been that refined and intense. 

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Lena, your flagship touch interface

After Lisa and Ellie, big sister Lena now completes the range as flagship touch display. Lena combines lights, shades, scenes, temperature music and even communicates with your Adelante door phone. She comes in 12 premium finishes to perfectly match any high-end interior.

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