the elegant iPad mount

Eve is an elegant iPad mount for the intelligent home. Precision-machined from high-quality metals, Eve keeps your iPad securely mounted yet permanently charged: ready to control Basalte Home lighting, music and more.

intelligent yet simple

Eve keeps your iPad securely mounted and permanently charged. No need to look for your iPad, it is always there. Perfect for luxury homes, hotels and offices worldwide!

the beautiful moves in curves

Eve Curve is the most sophisticated way to keep your iPad securely mounted yet permanently powered on any horizontal surface like a table or a reception desk.

turn around

Use Eve Curve as a freestanding support or securely fix it on its rotation system. This way you can easily turn the iPad towards any direction you like. Perfect for homes, offices, hotels, restaurants and retail stores worldwide!

details matter

The refined design of the frame beautifully embraces the iPad and only adds what’s really necessary. It is precision-machined out of solid aluminium and available in three luxury finishes to perfectly blend into any interior.

Eve subtly blends in the most stunning luxury boutiques, high-end restaurants, executive boardrooms and hotels.

Seeing is believing

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