multiroom amplifiers

Basalte multiroom amplifiers bring top quality sound to all your rooms. Thanks to modular setup and premium audio distribution, you can enjoy crystal clear audio everywhere.

Easily enjoy your favourite music in any room.

Play from any source, whether it's Spotify, a CD player or even a TV.

Directly control sources and rooms from your app, keypads and remotes.

Seamlessly combine playlists with lighting and more with comfort scenes for dinners, parties, etc.

Enjoy perfectly synchronised audio across different rooms.

Dive deep with advanced equalising settings for true audiophiles.

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Use your preferred speakers with the multiroom audio system.

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Asano has won some of the most prestigious design awards: the German Design Award, iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award. Renowned design experts all praised Asano for its perfect combination of a pure, clean design with crystal-clear audio.

With its compact aluminium housing, the Asano P1 has a solid, high-quality appearance. The straightforward design blends into any interior.
- German Design Award, iF Design Award & Red Dot Design Award