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Basalte introduces thinnest iPad dock ever 

At Light+Building, we proudly introduced an iPad docking station in the same minimalist design as its fixed Eve mounts for iPad & iPod touch. Eve Plus lets you easily dock your iPad on a wall or table, in any orientation, while keeping it permanently charged.

Keep your iPad within reach with the Eve Plus docking station: always charged and ready to take with you for all applications at home and at work: to play your favourite music around the house, to use in meetings or to take orders in your restaurant.

Eve Plus has the same minimalist design as the fixed Eve mounts and is precision machined from high grade aluminium, to fit even the most high-end residences, offices and other venues. Consequently, Eve Plus offers both the slimmest sleeve and the smallest wall base ever. Just slide the iPad in the sleeve and magnetically attach to the Eve Plus wall or table base to hold and charge.

Eve Plus sleeves are available in a satin white, brushed black and brushed aluminium finish. The wall base has the same form & dimensions as the Basalte switches and sockets. Both the wall & table base are available in the sleeve's aluminium finishes, as well as in brass, bronze, copper and more, to perfectly match the Basalte design switches.

Eve Plus mounts are expected to start shipping after the summer.