keypads we like to keep things simple

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Technology in the modern home is evolving more rapidly than ever, creating enormous possibilities. However, this can lead to systems that are complicated. Too complicated.

We want to keep things simple, intuitive and elegant. Our Sentido & Deseo keypads are designed to easily control lights, HVAC and more at the slightest touch.

All products natively integrate with Crestron systems also available for Lutron Homeworks QS and KNX


The entire surface of our design keypads is
touch-sensitive to easily switch/dim lights, control shades and play your favourite music!

Tap more than one surface at the same time to turn all lights on and off in a room. Thanks to the integration with Crestron and Lutron home automation, this multi-touch function makes light control highly intuitive and user friendly.

eenvoudige sentido enzo switch met led rgb voor knx domotica met basalte

Simple, yet very innovative

The multicolor LED backlight of Sentido and Enzo keypads can be used to show a status, light them up in the dark and to control RGB lights.

Custom engraving is available for Sentido and Deseo keypads, with free choice of text, symbols, size and placement. Example engravings can be found in the catalog.

Discrete temperature control

The integrated temperature sensor in our keypads reports the room temperature to the Crestron or Lutron HomeWorks QS system.

With the Deseo temperature controller (right), you can additionally change the set point, fan speed and temperature modes. Use multitouch to turn all lights on/off using a general scene.

High-end finishes

Our keypads come in a wide range of high-quality finishes, to blend in your interior or stand out as a true design statement!

satin white
brushed aluminum
brushed brass
soft copper
brushed black
brushed dark grey
brushed nickel
brushed bronze
fer forgé bronze
fer forgé rosé
black glass
black leather
fer forgé gunmetal
fer forgé grey
white glass
white leather

Subtle sensors

Auro is everything a motion sensor should be: small, fast and almost invisible.

With a visible diameter of only 2” and a white or black finish, Auro completely blends in your interior.

The integrated light and temperature sensor eliminate the need for other sensors in your home.

Via walkway light

The ultimate comfort is to conveniently control your home technology, but also to feel safe as you walk around the house, even when it’s dark. For those moments, we developed the Via walkway light.

Typically installed at socket height, Via subtly illuminates the floor to help you navigate throughout the house. It has the same form and high-end finishes as the Basalte switches and sockets to beautifully blend in any interior.