core mini

The heart of your Basalte Home.

Core Mini is the heart of your Basalte Home. From lighting and entertainment to climate and security, personalize your home down to the finest details and control it all with our Basalte app or design controls.

great features

Core Mini offers amazing features like integrated Basalte Beam connectivity, Lutron connection, PoE and the native integration of third-party solutions like Philips Hue, door Phones, AV hardware and so much more.

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Core Mini hosts your favorite music and connects you’re A/V devices. Easily integrate amplifiers, speakers, television and streamers and control them using comfort scenes.

Basalte works in partnership with the most trusted names in the industry to bring you a superior audiovisual (AV) experience. Spotify, Sonos, Apple TV, Sony, Samsung and so many more.

you're in control

Core Mini offers a variety of notification and alarm functions. Security cameras and door phones are integrated in our Basalte app and touch panels. Partners include Siedle, 2N, Doorbird, Gira, BPT, Schüco, TCS, most IP cameras and the Ekey finger print system.


Build advanced logics to automate various functions including lighting, AV, security controls, sprinklers, etc. Everything is configured through fast, reliable and versatile programming software for the integrator.

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