meet the maestro

Controlling Chopin feels a bit like playing the piano. Push the levers up or down to intuitively dim the lights, control the window coverings and let your favorite music enter the room.

  • available with a 1- or 2-gang keypad cover
  • choose 1 or 2 levers per keypad gang
  • works with Crestron & KNX
  • also available as a dry contact closure version

Built to last

Made in Belgium to the high standards for which Basalte products are known, Chopin is precision-machined in one piece and assembled by hand with great care.

Its fine mechanics are supremely durable and, despite miniature construction, stand the test of time.

High-end finishes that match your home

Chopin comes in all premium Basalte finishes to blend in with every interior or to stand out as a true design statement!

Seeing is believing

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